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TTX Flow

Shock Absorbers

The TTX Flow for 2020 has gone through a lot of changes to come up with the perfect formula to improve your riding experience. With our upgraded version you can say goodbye to the days of having to choose between bottoming resistance and chassis stability over traction and comfort. With Öhlins TTX Flow for 2020 you’ll get the best of both worlds. Like that wasn’t enough, we’ve made it easier for you to adjust the compression and rebound adjusters to suit for any riding conditions.

Top features

  • TTX-technology
  • New design of main piston and compression valve
  • Updated shim stack layout
  • Patent pending FLOW valve dynamic control
  • Great bottoming resistance
  • Compression and rebound adjusters with indicators
  • Easy spring change due to unique spring clip design
  • Easy spring preload adjustment
  • Wide range of optional springs

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TTX Flow
TTX Flow