TTX 22

MX & Enduro

TTX 22

Cartridge Kits

The same damping system technology, found in our Öhlins front forks, is also available as replacement cartridge kits for your standard front forks. Reduce bottom outs simply by installing the kits straight into your bike’s front forks, while also improving stability, hold-up, higher definition front wheel feedback, settled movement, and ability to handle bigger impacts. When you take on the track, we want you to experience a ride out of the ordinary.

Top features

  • TTX-technology
  • Great dynamic performance
  • Compression adjuster, angled for easy access
  • Rebound adjuster underneath at the cartridge bottom
  • Hydraulic stops for great bottoming resistance
  • Top out springs for greater progressive feel at the top of the stroke
  • Available for most major MX and Enduro models

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TTX 22
TTX 22