STX 36 DR1L Blackline

Custom & Heritage

STX 36 DR1L Blackline

Shock Absorbers

For those who want the Blackline shocks but with a more the classic look the STX 36 DR1L Blackline is the answer. This is achieved by integrating the gas reservoir with the shocks main body for a slim design, while retaining all the Öhlins damping qualities. Adjustable rebound damping allows you to tune the shock to your liking, while rear height can be altered with the length adjuster. No matter where the road takes you, the STX 36 DR1L Blackline provides comfort, style and performance to your Harley-Davidson.

Top features

  • STX-technology
  • Integrated gas pressurized reservoir
  • Adjustable rebound damping
  • Length adjustable
  • Fully serviceable
  • Tested and tailor-made to suit each application

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STX 36 DR1L Blackline
STX 36 DR1L Blackline